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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mouth & MacNeal - How Do You Do (1972)

Our esteemed colleague, splogman waxed poetic about this pop duo from the Netherlands in previous posts. In this clip they lip-sync their way through their biggest hit in the States, How Do You Do, complete with a creepy drunk doll and crazed fans pogoing their way through the madness. Skoal, bothers and sisters.


splogman said...
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splogman said...

Thank you, I thought I had already seen their craziest performance, but I was wrong...
Oooh that dreadfull clapping! But I'm still in love whith Maggie, when I see this.

Nick said...

Check out Mouth, talk about your Emerald Yetis!! A dozen atomic bombs could not kill their buzz. How Do You Do? Very well, thank you.