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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Western Cards

Little Gems, is a clever Tumblr site that features some peachy design work and vintage pics. Ran across this series of Western cards on the site and thought the PCL Nation would enjoy.


Doctor Bonkersane said...

"Boss Lady" looks like she's about to school a farm hand in the wicked ways of prairie love.

n2j3 said...

Brilliant, but I don't particularly like the 'little gems' watermark :S

Johnnyuma said...

Agreed. Not sure why a collector feels the need to "piss on his lawn" with identifying marks and logo's. I can relate to this concept if it was a copyrighted photo that might be used commercially but not sure the motivation behind the logo being used here. Was going to make note of this in the original text but didn't want to create a shitstorm and have them taken down.

CineGraphic Studios said...

Boss Lady was turned into a line of soaps and such by the company BlueQ.