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Friday, March 02, 2012

Patrick Allenbach, Dorus, Kralingen etc...

Taken from splogman.com

At the moment I spent most of my spare time digitizing records, taking pictures of sleeves and ... what's the english word ... retoucher ... restoring, yes! I'm not sure what the use is apart from me having a lot of home-ripped digital music and being able to throw or give away most of it. I have a lot of second hand penny-worth albums waiting to be processed, not to mention five shoe boxes of weird singles, flexi discs etc... Readers Digest has produced a lot of flexi discs, promoting their collections of "best of" boxes. In the Netherlands it was mostly Willem Duys who recently passed away who presented them (I have to listen and digitize a lot of those yet...) and appearently for the French speaking community it was Patrick Allenbach.

I've noticed that playing flexidiscs wet [demineralized water of course) enhances the sound quality enormously. So that's standard procedure.

And last but not least for today: Dorus [Tom Manders] song 'popfestival' (and hashish, I feel it's important to mention that to enhance it's appeal to you)

The song describes the Kralingen Popfestival, in Rotterdam 1970, inspired by the one in Woodstock.