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Monday, December 06, 2010

Xaviera! Redux

Back in January of '08, I posted this link and offered my first born for a copy of this 8 track title. Well, nearly two years later my dreams have come through the good graces of archistrategos, a loyal reader who obviously has his twisted priorities in order. I need to renege on the first born concept but am grateful nonetheless.

Here's the link through Rapdishare for those of you who cannot live without all the tracks. I just finished listening and it has immediately gone to the top of the Yuma charts and will undoubtedly appear on every mix disc I make in the years ahead.

For those of you who need immediate relief, here's Ms. Hollander moaning her way through the Lennon/McCartney classic, "Michelle"

And here she answers the question that has plagued mankind for all eternity.


jayKayEss said...

Wear 'n tear on ALL of her bodies?

jayKayEss said...
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Doc Cowboy said...

As with so many celebrity vanity crossover projects, this once again begs the question: "Just what in hell's name were they thinking?"...