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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mad Dogs and Gorilla Men

Name the common thread here and win a prize.....Ernie Kovacs, Noel Coward, Debie Reynolds, and Groucho Marx. Answer: This crappy album meant for kids that I'm not convinced is sung completely BY a group of kids. With the unlikely name of the Yum Yum Kids. Backed by the even unlikelier-named MGM Territorial Orchestra. Interested already, aren't you?

Anyway, it's worth the price of admission to hear the line "Did someone call me schnorrer?" from "Hooray For Captain Spaulding" sung by a bunch of goyim moppets. Noel Coward's Mad Dogs and Englishmen and the Nairobi Trio's Solfeggio are just the steaming hot brown gravy on top of the sundae.