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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thee Olde Blogroll: Music/MP3s (L-Z)

La Blogotheque (mp3s)
Largehearted Boy
Lazar's Corner of Lounge Music
Les Mixtapes de mes Amis (mp3s)
Les Rare Birds (mp3s)
Library Music (mp3s, full albums)
Licorice Pizza / A Taste of Vinyl (mp3s, full albums) *
Like Dynamite to your Brain (mp3s)
Like Vinyl 4 Giants (mp3s, full albums) *
Little Hits (mp3s)
Living In Stereo (mp3s)
Locust St. (mp3s)
Lonesome Music (mp3s)
Loronix (mp3s, full albums) *
Lost in the Grooves blog (mp3s)
Lounge Legends (mp3s, full albums) *
Magic of JuJu (mp3s, full albums) *
Martian Shaker (mp3s, full albums) *
Mexicovers (mp3s, full albums) *
mod-ified music (+mp3s)
Moistworks (mp3s)
MonkeyFunk (mp3s)
Monone's Library (mp3s, full albums) *
Moogswings (mp3s, full albums) *
Mr. J. Evil Scientist's Dungeon of Odd Records (mp3s, full albums) *
Mr. Kitty's Crazy Tower Of Sound (mp3s)
Music & Memories (mp3s, full albums)
Music From the Monster Movies 1950-1969 (mp3s)
Music From The Third Floor (mp3s, full albums)
Music For Maniacs (mp3s)
Music (For Robots) (mp3s)
Music On The Fringe (mp3s, full albums) *
Music Thing
Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else (mp3s)
Mutant Sounds (mp3s, full albums) *
Naturalismo (mp3s)
Nevver (mp3s)
N.1 in Belgium (mp3s)
obscure pop-culture reference (mp3s) *
Oddio Daily Downloads
Office Naps (mp3s)
On The Flipside (mp3s)
Orgy In Rhythm (mp3s, full albums) *
Original Funk Music (mp3s, full albums) *
Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage (mp3s, full albums)
Out of 5 (mp3s)
Paul Durango (mp3s, full albums)
Paul's Ramblings (mp3s)
Pecks Spet Rips (mp3s, full albums)
People vs. Dr. Chilledair (mp3s)Phil Musical's Lounge Corner (mp3s, full albums) *
Pimps of Gore (mp3s)
PixelMutt (mp3s) *
Planet Xtabay (mp3s, full albums)
Play It Again, Max (mp3s, full albums)
Ponytone (mp3s)
PopCereal (mp3s, full albums)
Probe Is Turning-on the People!(mp3s)
Prog Not Frog (mp3s, full albums) *
Psychotic Leisure Music (mp3s, full albums)
Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo (mp3s, full albums) *
Radiodiffusion Internasionaal (mp3s)
Radio KRUD (mp3s)
Rangeraver's Departure Lounge (mp3s, full albums) *
RARE MP3 (mp3s, full albums)
Rato Records Blog (mp3s, full albums)
Red Neckerson's Radio Round Up (mp3s, full albums) *
RockOverGraceland (mp3s, full albums) *
Roman´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner (mp3s, full Albums) *
'S Marvelous Distro (mp3s, full albums) *
Schadenfreudian Therapy (mp3s) *
Score*Blog (mp3s)
Sem Sinatra's Solar System of Sound (mp3s, full albums) *
Singin' & Swingin' (mp3s, full albums)
Sleazy Listening (mp3s, full albums) *
Snow Day (mp3s, full albums) *
songs:illinois (mp3s)
Songs and Sonics
Sonic Terrorism (mp3s)
Soul Sides (mp3s)
Sounds of Champaign (Side 2) (mp3s, full albums)
Space Debris Presents... (mp3s, full albums)
Spiked Candy (mp3s)
Splendida Project (mp3s)
Spoilt Victorian Child (mp3s)
Spread The Good Word (mp3s)
Squeeze My Lemon (mp3s)
Static Party (mp3s)
Stax o' Wax (mp3s, full albums)
Stereogum (mp3s)
Strange Reaction (mp3s)
Swens Blog
Ternura porno (mp3s)
The "B" Side (mp3s)
The Crime Lounge (mp3s, full albums) *
The Devils Music (mp3s)
The Entroporium (mp3s)
The Groove Grotto! (mp3s) *
The Groovy Fab Alliance (mp3s)
The International House Of Pussy (mp3s)
The Manchester Morgue (mp3s, full albums) *
The Next Big Thing
The Of Mirror Eye (mp3s)
The Punk Vault (mp3s)
The Record Robot (mp3s)
The Revival Blog (mp3s, full albums)
The Sample Song Booth (mp3s)
The Smudge of Ashen Fluff (mp3s)
The Ten Thousand Things (mp3s)
The Tuna Melt (mp3s, full albums) *
Third Island (mp3s, full albums)
Thrift Store DJ (mp3s, full albums)
Time Has Told Me (mp3s, full albums) *
Toe Stubber (mp3s)
Trashsistors (mp3s, full albums) *
Tuwa's Shanty (mp3s)
TwilightZone! (mp3s, full albums) *
Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives (mp3s, full albums) *
Unicorn Meat (mp3s)
Undomondo (mp3s)
Unpleasant.org (mp3s)
Verlorene Mädchen - German Girl Records (mp3s)
videos.antville.org (videos)
Vinyl Mine (mp3s)
Vinyl Mysteries (mp3s)
Vinyl Room (mp3s, full albums) *
Warped Reality (mp3s)
Waves of Champaign (mp3s, full albums)
Waxidermy (mp3s)
Way Out Junk (mp3s, full albums)
Weirdomusic News
Western Swing on 78 (mp3s)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (mp3s)
What's In My iPod? (mp3s)
Whoops (mp3s: full albums)
Why Fidelity (mp3s, podcast)
Wiel's Time Capsule (mp3s)
Wine, Woman and Song (mp3s)
Wonderful Wonderblog (mp3s, full albums)
Xtabays World (mp3s, full albums)
You & Me on a Jamboree! (mp3s, full albums) *
Zip Your Rip (mp3s, full albums) *

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