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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laughing Songs

Laugh Your Head Off, 1945 Royce Pub
Originally uploaded by froggyboggler

OK you crybabies, we've all had a soul-cleansing boo-hoo over Donna Lethal's Accident songs post earlier this week....so now it's time to wipe away the snot-bubbles and listen to some laughing songs, courtesy of Boot Sales Sounds, in turn inspired by a similar post on Music Makes Me.

I'll add a few faves myself: Laughing in Rhythm by Slim Gaillard;
"Wooshp, Oom, Sff ... Ahhhh!" by Lincoln Chase from session 223 of Probe Is Turning-On the People is how hipster/stoners laugh; and creepiest of all, Ed Lincoln's Ja Estou Aqui--whenever I hear the man laughing his head off I always picture the lecherous little man in lederhosen at the top of the PCL page.

I know I'll think of dozens of other examples as soon as I publish this....what are YOUR favorites?


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