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Thursday, December 18, 2008

She's a Poet and She Don't Know It !

Here's a song our own special Donna Lethal penned, or perhaps wrote with a crayon.... it's about Phineas Gage (I once had a pet fish with a Phineas - get it? finny-ass?!! get it?) a guy who blasted an iron bar into his skull and lived for 12 years after the incident. His secret was smoking his last name some said...... the tune that goes with her spectacular lyrics is well structured, and maybe some of you massive-egoed (not me, I can assure you, I'm humble) PCLers should take a whack at it, giving it a versioned life of it's own and assuring PCL's a place known for multiple talented geniuses. Just like Donna.

PS: That's not her on the right or the left.