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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Is Our Minds That Are Different

(Photo from here. Sharpe's kid's personal stash.)

In this episode of radio program SwaG!, the middle of the program within the program, "Green Slime," is another Coyle and Sharpe bit, one of many often broadcast on this radio program. Bat Guano is envious of Mal Sharpe and Jim Coyle for being able to do what they did when they did.

You just can’t screw with people like that anymore.

But in his own way, as a disk jockey, not man-on-the-street, Mr. Guano tries.

In this episode of SwaG! we have Italian crooners, Napalm Death (going out to the girls who wanted to hear kitties mew “Jingle Bells”), Faith No More’s skiffle version of “Let’s Lynch the Landlord” and other weirdo sounds.

Go here to listen to three hours of different radio.