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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Norwegian Yé-Yé

My people, the Norwegians that is, are not exactly celebrated for their skills in the Arts.....after Ibsen, Grieg, and Edvard Munch the list gets pretty sorry indeed. Ole Bull? Toki Wartooth?

So I felt slightly better when I read on The Go-Go Club Social that cheezball singer Wenche Myhre (before defecting to Germany) recorded an angry teen Yé-Yé anthem for Eurovision 1964, which you can get at their site or here. Wenche went on to record some of the schlockiest disco music and delightfully bizarre crapola you could ever hope to hear (hey Superhelga--if you're still out there, I need another copy of Wenche's terminally flaccid version of "Sir Duke", can you hook me up?) If you don't sprecken sie either, in the clip below the fun begins about 1:05 in.

OK, I guess I agree with you....Norwegians DO suck.