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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A pre-rhetorical question?

Worries in 1949. (Mechanix Illustrated 2-1949)

"DINOSAURS may roam the unexplored jungles of Africa!

Native tribes near the Congo River call the creatures Mokele Mbembe. They say they’re enormous and live in caves washed out by the river at sharp turns. Some startled tribesmen have described them as having long necks, small heads and one long tusk. Others have told of a three-horned monster like that shown above, with ferocious teeth and a massive comb. All agree that the creatures kill both humans and elephants. But they never eat the flesh. Farther east in Africa, near Lake Ban-gweolo, the natives tell of a weird animal which they call Chipekwe. Because it kills hippopotamuses, not one hippo can be found in the lake. One tribe claims it hunted and killed a Chipekwe forty years ago. The strongest hunters had to jab it with their spears for days before the animal finally succumbed. ...

...Reliable sources have been hinting to us for generations that there are creatures existing which we have never seen. Will they be dreadful throwbacks to another age or inconceivable monsters of the future?"

Believe me. They are right here among us. We just don't recognize them as "monsters" per se. But I assure you, they are prehistoric, they are dreadful throwbacks and they are up to no good. 2006.

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