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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Download this Space-Age-Pop-thing.

Updated November 28: Some entries or files may not be available anymore. This entry will not be updated.
Space Age Pop?

"This music might be characterized most easily by what it isn't. It's rarely simple enough in structure and instrumentation to be called rock (and certainly retains enough of a sense of humor to be disqualified as art rock). It's not serious or straightforward enough to be called jazz. It's often too esoteric or extreme to be called pop. It's in some middle ground between all of these, which means it's populated with the outcasts from other well-established genres. As a result, Space Age Pop is full of brilliant, bizarre, and exciting sounds, which are particularly striking to ears accustomed to the stereotypes that populate the more familiar genres.
Among these outcasts, though, there are some common features that a simple categorization can help identify. The following list offers some labels for these categories and matches some names against each. I should state up front, though, that my definition of "Space Age Pop" can be summed up as: all of this and more. ...
" (Quoted from What IS Space Age Pop? )

Hyman_Man_Organ Hayman_Voodoo Ferrante_Blast_Front Esquivel_Worlds_Front Drasnin_Voodoo_Front
Denny_Hypnotique Denny_Exotica_1_Front Command_Private_Eye Command_Bossa_Nova Baxter_Primitive_Front

-Exotica - Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music - Jet Set Pop - The Now Sound - Cocktail -

Yeah, whatever. Have a tour on your own.

101 Strings (Wiki):
-101 Strings — Astro-Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 [Front Cover]
-101 Strings — Sounds of Today [Front Cover]
-101 Strings — Jet Set [Front Cover]

Leo Addeo:
-Leo Addeo & His Orchestra — The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round [Front Cover]
-Leo Addeo & His Orchestra — Paradise Regained [Front Cover]

Eden Ahbez:
-Eden Ahbez — Eden's Island [Front Cover]

Manny Albam:
-Manny Albam — More Double Exposure [Front Cover]
-Manny Albam — I had the craziest dream [Front Cover]

Frank Barber:
-Frank Barber — Melodic Percussion [Front Cover]

Eddie Baxter:
-Eddie Baxter - The Fantastic Sounds Of... [Front Cover]

Les Baxter:
-Les Baxter — Ritual of the Savage [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Space Escapade [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Sacred Idol * [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Jungle Jazz [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Bora Bora [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — African Jazz [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Confetti [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Skins! [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Percussions tropicales (french version of "Soul of the drums") [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — The Dunwich Horror [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Bugaloo in Brazil (aka "African Blue") [Front Cover, "African Blue"]
-Les Baxter — Around the World With... * [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter, by Franck Pourcel — La Femme [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Caribbean Moonlight [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — The Primitive and The Passionate [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — South Pacific [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Midnight on the Cliffs [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Hell's Belles [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter & 101 Strings — Que Mango! [Front Cover]
-Les Baxter — Goliath And The Barbarians OST [Front Cover]

Vinnie Bell:
-Vinnie Bell — Pop Goes the Electric Sitar [Front Cover]

Milt Buckner:
-Milt Buckner — Send Me Softly [Front Cover]

David Carroll:
-David Carroll — Percussion In Hi-Fi [Front Cover]
-David Carroll — Contrasts [Front Cover]

Xavier Cugat:
-Xavier Cugat - Viva Cugat! [Front Cover]

Martin Denny:
-Martin Denny — Exotica [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Exotica Vol II [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Exotica Vol III [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Forbidden Island [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Hypnotique * [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny In Person [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Golden Greats [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Silver Screen [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — A Taste of India [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Exotic Love [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Exotic Moog [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Hawaii [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Paradise Moods [Front Cover]
-Martin Denny — Sayonara [Front Cover]

Leo Diamond:
-Leo Diamond — Skin Diver Suite [Front Cover]
-Leo Diamond — Subliminal Sounds * [Front Cover]

Rober Drasnin:
-Robert Drasnin — Voodoo [Front Cover]

Juan Garcia Esquivel:
-Esquivel — Latin-Esque [Front Cover]
-Esquivel — 1968 [Front Cover]
-Esquivel — Other Worlds, Other Sounds * [Front Cover]

Ferrante & Teicher:
-Ferrante and Teicher — Pianos in Paradise in Stereo [Front Cover]
-Ferrante and Teicher — Dynamic Twin Pianos [Front Cover]
-Ferrante and Teicher — Dial M For Music [Front Cover]
-Ferrante and Teicher — Blast Off! [Front Cover]
-Ferrante and Teicher — Fireworks * [Front Cover]
-Ferrante and Teicher With Percussion [Front Cover]

Tommy Garrett:
-The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett — Spanish Eyes [Front Cover]

Marty Gold:
-Marty Gold — For Sound's Sake [Front Cover]
-Marty Gold — Hi Fi Fo Fum [Front Cover]
-Marty Gold — Themes From the Movies [Front Cover]
-Marty Gold — Stereo Action Goes Hollywood [Front Cover]
-Marty Gold — It's Magic [Front Cover]
-Marty Gold — Moog Plays The Beatles [Front Cover]

Bernie Green:
-Bernie Green — Futura [Front Cover]

Richard Hayman:
-Richard Hayman — Voodoo * [Front Cover]
-Richard Hayman — Let's Get Together [Front Cover]

Mel Henke:
-Mel Henke — La Dolce Henke [Front Cover]
-Mel Henke — Dynamic Adventures In Sound [Front Cover]

Dick Hyman:
-Dick Hyman — The Man From O.R.G.A.N. [Front Cover]
-Dick Hyman And His Trio [Front Cover]
-Dick Hyman / Mary Mayo — Moon Gas [Front Cover]
-Dick Hyman and His Orchestra — Provocative Piano [Front Cover]
-The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman [Front Cover]

Islanders, The:
-The Enchanted Sound of The Islanders [Front Cover]

Quincy Jones:
-Quincy Jones — Qunicy Jones Explores the Music of Henry Mancini [Front Cover]

Bert Kaempfert:
-Bert Kaempfert — A Man Could Get Killed [Front Cover]

Sonny Lester:
-Sonny Lester, his orchestra & chorus — Comment faire la danse du ventre pour votre mari (french version of "How to bellydance for your husband") [Front Cover]
-Sonny Lester — Ann Corio Presents How To Strip For Your Husband [Front Cover]
-Sonny Lester — After Hours Middle East [Front Cover]

Enoch Light:
-Enoch Light — The Private Life of a Private Eye [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Permissive Polyphonics [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Provocative Percussion 1 & 2 [Front Cover 1 & 2]
-Enoch Light and the Light Brigade — Provocative Percussion Vol III [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Stereo 35MM [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Stereo 35mm Vol 2 [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Persuasive Percussion [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light & The Command All-Stars - Persuasive Percussion Vol. 3 [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light & The Command All-Stars - Persuasive Percussion Vol. 4 [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light and His Orchestra — Far Away Places [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Big Band Bossa Nova [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Glittering Guitars [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light & Sansui QS Band [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light presents Patterns In Sound Vol.2 [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light & his Orchestra — Teen Age Favorives Million Record Sellers [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — Pertinent Percussion (cha -cha's) [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — The Brass Menagerie [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — Discoteque [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — Discoteque Vol. 2 [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — A New Concept Of Great Cole Porter Songs [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — Big Hits of the 20s [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light And The Light Brigade — Future Sound Shock [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light & his Orchestra at Carnegie Hall play Irving Berlin [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — Beatles Classics [Front Cover]
-Enoch Light — The Best of Hollywood (Movie Hits '68 '69) [Front Cover]

Arthur Lyman:
-Arthur Lyman — Taboo Vol. 2 [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — The Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman at the Crescendo [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — Hawaiian Sunset [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — Bahia [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — Bwana á [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — With a Christmas Vibe [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — Lyman '66 [Front Cover]
-Arthur Lyman — Ilikai [Front Cover]

Charles Magnante:
-Charles Magnante — Fiesta! [Front Cover]

Michel Magne:
-Michel Magne — Tropical Fantasy [Front Cover]
-Michel Magne — Flirt and Fantasie [Front Cover]
-Michel Magne & Jean Yanne — Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil o.s.t. [Front Cover]

Henry Mancini:
-Henry Mancini — Peter Gunn (Gunn...Number One) [Front Cover]

Eddie Manson:
-Eddy Manson — Percussion Sounds and the Harmonica [Front Cover]

Jack Marshall:
-Jack Marshall — Soundsville! [Front Cover]

Ralph Marterie:
-Ralph Marterie — Music For A Private Eye [Front Cover]

Baxter Martin:
-Baxter Martin & The African Now Sound Orchestra — Dynamic Safari Sounds [Front Cover]

Ray Martin:
-Ray Martin and His Orchestra — Dynamica [Front Cover]
-Ray Martin — Excitement Incororated [Front Cover]

Skip Martin:
-Skip Martin — Perspectives In Percussion - Vol. 1 [Front Cover]
-Skip Martin — Perspectives In Percussion - Vol. 2 [Front Cover]

Billy May:
-Billy May — s/t [Front Cover]
-Billy May — Cha Cha! (direct Badongo link) [Front Cover]

Tony Mottola:
-Tony Mottola and the Brass Menagerie
-Tony Mottola and the Groovies — Warm, Wild & Wonderful [Front Cover]
-Tony Mottola — String Band Strum-Along [Front Cover]
-Tony Mottola's Guitar Factory [Front Cover]

Billy Mure:
-Billy Mure — Fireworks [Front Cover]
-Billy Mure — Supersonics In Flight [Front Cover]
-Billy Mure and The Islanders — Pink Hawaii [Front Cover]

Out Islanders, The (Billy May & Charlie Barnet):
-The Out Islanders — Polynesian Fantasy [Front Cover]

Norrie Paramor:
-Norrie Paramor's Orchestra — Amor, Amor! [Front Cover]

Perez Prado:
-Perez Prado — Concierto Para Bonga [Front Cover]
-Perez Prado — Havana, 3 a.m. - Mambo Mania [Front Cover]
-Perez Prado and His Orchestra — Big Hits By Prado [Front Cover]
-Perez Prado — Pops And Prado (direct Badongo link) [Front Cover]
-Perez Prado & Rosemary Clooney — A Touch of Tabasco [Front Cover]

Tito Puente:
-Tito Puente — Top Percussion [Front Cover]
-Tito Puente — Tambó [Front Cover]

Don Ralke:
-Don Ralke — Savage and Sensuous Bongos *
-Don Ralke — Gershwin n Bongos [Front Cover]
-Don Ralke — Bongo Madness [Front Cover]

Milt Raskin:
-Milt Raskin — KAPU [Front Cover]
-Milt Raskin — Exotic Tahiti [Front Cover]

Henri Rene:
-Henri Rene — Dynamic Dimensions [Front Cover]
-Henri Rene — Compulsion to Swing [Front Cover]

Nelson Riddle:
-Nelson Riddle — Sea of Dreams [Front Cover]
-Nelson Riddle — More Hit TV Themes [Front Cover]
-Nelson Riddle — Lolita OST [Front Cover]
-Nelson Riddle — Conducts The 101 Strings [Front Cover]
-Nelson Riddle — Swings In Stereo [Front Cover]

Dick Schory:
-Dick Schory' New Percussion Ensemble — Music for bang baaroom & harp [Front Cover]
-Dick Schory's Percussion and Brass Ensemble — Runnin' Wild [Front Cover]
-Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Ensamble — Holiday For Percussion [Front Cover]

George Shearing:
-George Shearing Quintet — Latin Escapade Stereo [Front Cover]

Tak Shindo:
-Tak Shindo — Far East Goes Western [Front Cover]

Soulful Strings, The:
-The Soulful Strings, The — Another Exposure [Front Cover]

Axel Stordahl (Wiki):
-Axel Stordahl — The Magic Islands Revisited [Front Cover]

Yma Sumac:
-Yma Sumac — Voice of the Xtabay [Front Cover]
-Yma Sumac — Legend of the Jivaro [Front Cover]
-Yma Sumac — Legend of the Sun Virgin (direct Badongo link) [Front Cover]
-Yma Sumac — Fuego Del Ande [Front Cover]
-Yma Sumac — Live in Russia [Front Cover]
-Yma Sumac — Miracles [Front Cover]

Keith Textor:
-Keith Textor — Sounds Terrific! [Front Cover]

Peter Thomas:
-The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra — Chariots of the Gods [Front Cover]
-Peter Thomas Sound Orchester — Raumpatrouille OST [Front Cover]

Bob Thompson:
-Bob Thompson — Just For Kicks (note: click cover) [Front Cover]
-Bob Thompson — Mmm, Nice! [Front Cover]

Art Van Damme:
-Art Van Damme Quintet — Cocktail Capers [Front Cover]

Kai Winding:
-Kai Winding — Kai Winding [Front Cover]
-Kai Winding (featuring Kenny Burrell) — !!!More!!! (Theme from Mondo Cane) [Front Cover]
-Kai Winding — The In Instrumentals [Front Cover]

Mixes/Collections. (This is for the lazy ones who want it all but want it fast. Well, these summons up the "era" pretty good I think.)

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The History of Space Age Pop at Endless Mike.

* (direct RS link, originally uploaded by Ron)

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All Bold marked names are linked to Who's Who: Biographies at Space Age Pop Music.

Another great site you should visit is Space Age Pop a go-go - "Music and record covers gallery devoted to the best artists in 1950s and 1960s Space Age Pop."

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