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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Radio, Radio

The transistor radio changed the face of the way we listen to music. Billions of them were produced in the 50's and 60's. The first mass produced, portable music device exposed a generation to the glory of rock and roll (provided you had a case of 9 volt batteries to power). Lo-Fidelity and subject to regular disruptions in service due to the nuances of the AM frequencies it showcased, the device was, nonetheless, revolutionary.
Sarah has an astounding collection which highlights the boss designs of the era.
The Collection

 Found at the always entertaining: coisas do arco da velha


mike flugennock said...

I'm old enough to have owned a couple of transistor radios in the mid/late '60s, when I was maybe ten or eleven years old. I can also remember the din of transistor radios at the beach, kids on the boardwalk with them, all cranking out that tinny, jangling blare.

By the time I hit high school, decent-fidelity radios got cheaper and I bought one, and moved on to component stereo in college.

I noticed a funny thing happening recently, though... the subway platforms echoing with an oddly familiar tinny, jangling blare again -- coming from kids listening to music on their mobile phone speakers. Sad thing is, even my old transistor radio didn't sound nearly as bad as those crappy little mobile phone speakers.

Johnnyuma said...

Very true Mike. The lo-fi revolution is alive and well with the advent of the mobile phone.

Zubair Ismail said...

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