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Monday, November 07, 2011

Chief of the Apache

I found this wacky song on a compilation album (K-Tell or something) out of a box with water damage which was delivered at Radio Zwolle some years ago. This Old Shatterhand who hasn't released any other songs apart from this one and its b-side "Thank You" must have been an undercover Dutch artist, judging by the accent. Also when I googled I found this labelscan with "Oscar Harris productions" on it. Harris also being the co-writer of the song, is a pretty wellknown Dutch-Surinam singer and producer. I don't think it's Harris himself singing here. It might be Alexander Curly, but I'm not sure...



scarecrow said...

It was sung by Frank Smit and he made a few records more: http://www.nldiscografie.nl/old-shatterhand