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Monday, March 01, 2010

Do the.....

No, today we're not doing anything as pedestrian as the Watusi or the Frug, today we have a whole podcast of failed dance crazes from You Got Good Taste. We got the Itchy Scratch, the Snacky Poo (hate when that happens), The Peanut Duck (with a delicious orange sauce, no doubt), and best of all, the Log:

It's a dance for people who are OUT not In
Don't move, you're in the groove, DO THE LOG'

I think it's time to have a little lie-down and Do the Log.....


you got good taste - it's rock'n'roll for weird ohs said...

Watcha Wierdos
Big thanks for posting me up on your crazeee site, I'm digging all the trash you've got going on here, so I'll be back!
YOU GOT GOOD TASTE is a monthly podcast featuring all the best rock'n'roll trash I can lay my hands on. New show up soon!!!!

Subscribe/download/listen here www.yougotgoodtaste.podOmatic.com

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