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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hans Edler

I hope Mr Dante Fontana didn't post anything about him before ... for those of you who don't know him, i urge you to listen to this true pioneer of electronic music from Sweden.

Hans Edler - Elektron Kukéso (1971) album is available via exp etc (you will find there lots of great and unique music believe me!)

About Hans Edler ...
"In the early 1960's, Edler turned into a teen idol in Sweden with his bands The Ghostriders and We 4. Later, he initiated his own record label wich during the 1970's released anything from obscure progressive rock and children's records to religious and classical music, all at a frienzied pace. He produced numerous shows for Swedish television during the 1980's and also wrote hyms and music for choirs. These days he is devoting his time to techno and dance oriented music, orginizing rock festivals with a nostalgic touch and managing young bands for export outside sweden. And that is only part of it.
However, very few people know about his short but intensive career as the wild man of vintage electronica.
The same goes for the offspring that came of it - a one-of-a-kind album named 'Elektron Kukéso' which not only contains some of the most odd sounds ever scratched into vinyl, but also seems to be the world's first computer-programmed LP in the history of rock 'n' roll, at least occording to Edler. "(from Hans Edler Myspace Fan Page)


mrdantefontana said...

Great record! No, I don't think I posted anything before.

splogman said...

I didn't know Edler yet. Thanks for the introduction!