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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sammy Wants to Touch You! -- More SwaG! Radio Broadcasts

Sammy Davis Jr. kicks this SwaG! broadcast off with a kickin’ “Perdido”!!! Doo-beeyo-beeyob-ba-doot! This song pokes a hole in your gut and sticks in a glass eye! And dances frantically but sophisticatedly on the empty stage that is your stupid little malnourished hipster soul. And makes you know his “scat.”

And that is followed by three hours of other songs.
Here is where you can find recorded SwaG! broadcast.

BUT WAIT! There's more! We have TWO MORE SwaG! recorded broadcasts, a total of SIX HOURS of audio entertainment, that we forgot to post previously on the PCL LinkDump. Featuring artwork stolen from PCL LinkDump. Enjoy!