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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Hello, gentle peoples! I am pleased to announce my inexplicable addition to the esteemed PCL team. I must say I'm happier than the last kid picked at kickball to be here! Seeing the riff-raff around me (no offense..JohnnyYuma!)I'm pleased as punch to hopefully bring some decorum to the proceedings! My name is TestChimp48, but you can call me Testy! I promise to expunge exponential egresses for you to explore and serve you blindly. After many incarnations I currently park my mouse over at MONKEYS HAUNT MY DREAMSwhere you can see lots of monkeys, and shiny things, and golly! press every picture and word and....be flung into wonderland! It's truly a tragical magical place! So that's me. I am humbly honored to be amongst such lofty company. Special shout outs to the cyber sirens Donna Lethal and Baikinange- (my heart just skipped a beat typing your names) you put the grrrr..in girl!!!
See Ya sooner than you know!