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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Entertainmet at Your Fingertips?!? Try the Radio!

Photo stolen from here.

“I don't have a radio (the one in my car is broken). Who has a radio?”

Mr. Guano was stunned and horrified to read this in a recent email from a listener who wanted to hear SwaG!. She wanted to hear the program live. She was in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA area. But she did not have a radio.

Radios, even those that pick up stereo FM signals (recommended for SwaG! broadcasts), are inexpensive and found in almost any store that carries electronic devices (Radio Shack is just one example). They require almost no technical skill to operate, and use very little power. If you feel unsure as to how one works, ask the friendly store clerk and he will explain how to adjust all the dials and knobs, antenna, reception diodes and power resistors for an enjoyable listening experience....

If you don't own a radio, or don't live within WIDR's 100 watt coverage of Kalamazoo county, go here for recordings of this wonderful entertainment.