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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scorgies Reunion

The Scorgies Reunion is 24 hours post date and my raging hangover is still lingering.

Scorgies was a bar/lounge/club that ruled the Rochester, New York scene in the 80's. It was a welcome oasis for folks who wanted to hear original, cutting edge music. National acts like the Cramps, Johnny Thunders, Ramones, Fear, Comateens and Alex Chilton performed in the basement while hopheads convened upstairs to listen to the best jukebox in town while feeding rolls of quarters to "Space Invaders" and "Defender".

Local bands such as New Math, Personal Effects and The Cliches played their guts out night after night to huge local followings.

Jeff Laben of the Cliches backed by the Press Tones - "Riverview Restaurant"

Here a few archive polaroids that are posted on the web site courtesy of Paul Dodd:

The reunion show Friday evening was a blast. The music sounded better than ever. The crew were all there. Donny Music, Rick, Chaz, Stan The Man, Cousin Brian, The Keith Richards guy and the Shu. All a bit longer in the tooth but still rolling and as clever as ever. It was a night to remember.

George was nowhere to be seen, a pity.