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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes, Part IV: Waterfowl

Jackie’s Lee’s 1965 tune “The Duck” might have caused enough of a sensation to keep it out of the official PCL Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes….but since I am fortunate enough to own the entire album “Jackie Lee – The Duck …And Some Other All Time Great Dance Favorites Designed for your Listening & Dancing Pleasure at Home” (full title) I can unequivocally state that other dances Jackie tried to introduce surely belong in the Galeria. Everybody make a big strong line and …… “Do the Temptation Walk”! Grab your partner and do “The Neighborhood”! How about the “Harlem Shuffle” in which he implores you to “scratch just like a monkey?” Yee-ouch. Then of course, there are the obligatory self-referential follow ups to the big hit, “The Duck Part II” and “The Shotgun and the Duck”.

Waddle your way to this musical quack-stravaganza here.

And in case you don’t remember the original hit or just need to learn some new dance floor moves, take a gander at this clip of Jackie Lee performing “The Duck” on a show called “Northern Soul”.