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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lots of stuff to do.

Label buttons are restored. Halo Scan commenting is back (that means if you have left a comment last hours it is gone).

Hey! BTW! We've got ourselves a new manager!

Baikinange has stepped up to help me do the job I have been slacking big time lately with.
I love her for that and is so utterly grateful.

Ange and I will work out the changes to come. Stuff will happen. Links will be thrown away. New stuff will explode in your face.
But, the bottom line is, she will then more or less be captain of this ship until I come back permanently. This is seriously good news. She will be here. Baikinange is the BOSS. Do not mess with her.

She and I will update you how everything is progressing.

/Z aka mrdantefontana