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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Die blonden Mädchen

So I couldn't find the real EP cover for Antoine's Die blonden Mädchen, but I liked this one showing (I hope) the same Antoine, looking all green and dreamy.

Dig the nod to Sabre Dance in Die blonden Mädchen from Merci Cheri! Das is Wunderbar.


jaytingle said...

Only one Antoine has a nose like that. Guess that's why he named his yacht the Banana Split.

borky said...

It's peculiar the way the same picture can strike people in totally different ways.

Scrolling down the page, I flashed past this image and had to scroll back up to see what it was I'd missed - by which time I'd formed a conception of it as a possible cold cure advert depicting a man about to sneeze filled with mucus.

If I'd managed to read your take on it first, I'd've probably been able to agree with you that Antoine - who ever he is - "looks all green and dreamy".