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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More of Sokol's Playboy Cartoons

"Ahem, I have a nurse present to help you feel more at ease, Miss Travis."
Click doctor for better view at source.

In this post (almost 1 and a half year ago) I pointed to a post over at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive spotlighting Erich Sokol's 60s Playboy Cartoons.
Now Stephen of A-HAA is back with some more fun and saucy Early Sokol Playboy Cartoons!
Note: Perhaps NSFW. But it's just drawn tits 'n hips.


hey said...

I have two binders with about 100 playboy comics in them The comics are original pages out of the magazines. They range in years all are different. I think they start from the beginning but not sure. Do you know of an easy way for me to find out if i have the first ones issued in this? I know a few have Marilyn Monroe on the back of at least two I think? Any help would be appreciated.I few have the date on the back some are 60s and I found a few in the 50s