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Monday, May 09, 2005


This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Bellybongo for the first time in person. The Tiki gods were with us. We had a couple of Czech lager, and soon friendship filled the air and our haunted souls. Magnus met up with good friends of his (all good people!) - and I brought the the whole HTMPL production team. We went to a mod club downtown, Malmö, called The Gabb (Hey! Check out their Flyers!).
We had great fun! Next time I hit the "northern" parts of Sweden maybe I could get Magnus to hook up with me in Stockholm. I think we should fit in really perfect at
Sunkits Baklucka (Hopefully not a one time event!). Maybe in August?

And today it's Bibi's birthday. Happy birthday youngster!

So. I'm back.