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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Deep Cut

"Swedish pop types The Knife have made a rather peculiar new film about their discovery... and we have it exclusively for you to watch herein!
The film is proper potty, telling the tale of a rabbit that comes across a house in the countryside, after driving along in a yellow high performance motor vehicle. In the house are two sinister monkeys, who introduce the bunny to the music of The Knife. The bunny offers them cigars, but the monkeys don't smoke, so he potters off to go and spread the word of The Knife around the world. The Knife's debut album 'The Deep Cut' is out on October 11th. To plunge into this peculiar David Lynch in yr kid sister's soft toy box kind of world, click ye on the appropriate links below."

Catch The Knife short film here. (via It's A Trap!)