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Friday, June 03, 2005

Otis Fodder about outsider music

Otis Fodder about outsider music in Mungbeing:

If all you listen to are Clear Channel broadcasts and mundane MTV style networks you will most likely look at someone like Daniel Johnston or The Space Lady and think, they can't sing or play and have a laugh. On the other hand if you are the type of person to flip over to the B-Side of a 7" Single first, Outsider Music might be for you. ........

......... There are so many sources to download the magic that is Outsider Music, and while not all of these websites cater strictly to the genre, they all are fun to visit regularly and fill your hard drive with love: WFMU, Weirdomusic, Splusp, PCL Linkdump, Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show, Oddio Overplay, Basic Hip, 365 Days and many others.And, to find other diamonds in the rough, check out the highly recommended (spyware free) file sharing application Soulseek (available for Windows, Linux and Mac).

read more and download a selection of outsidermusic by Otis Fodder: