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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov - American Photographs: The Road

Cabinet Magazine Issue 14: "In 1935, the collaborative satirical writers Ilya Ilf (1897-1937) and Evgeny Petrov (1903-1942) traveled to the United States from the Soviet Union on assignment as special correspondents for the newspaper Pravda. Shortly after their arrival in New York aboard the French luxury liner Normandie, they purchased a Ford automobile and embarked upon a ten-week road trip to California and back. ..."
"... The arrow shown in the photograph marks a turn to the left. It is equipped with small circular mirrors that reflect the light of automobile headlamps at night. In this way the sign is self-illuminating. The big black inscription on the yellow ground (it is the most noticeable color) signifies "Slow!" In a similar manner, simply and clearly, are composed the road signs "School Zone," "Stop," "Danger," "Narrow Bridge," "Speed Limit 15 MPH," or "Pothole in 300 Feet." You can rest assured that in exactly 300 feet there will be a pothole. However, such notices appear just as rarely as do potholes. ..."
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