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Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Look At Us We're Walking"

Labor Day weekend here in the States and one thinks of cookouts, parades and the inevitable Jerry Lewis MDA telethon. Not sure that this anthem was part of Jerry's shtick but it is eternally stuck in my medulla oblongata and rears it's pointy little head the first weekend in September each and every year.

Schlockmeister, Vic Damone is responsible for this version.


glyphjockey said...

Holy crap, my medulla oblongata too! My Mom DETESTED Jerry Lewis but the kids would come out at the end to that song and she would just burst into tears.

But now.... look at us we're walking.... away from the telethon......

I performed on it once - the Atlantic City Version

glyphjockey said...

Also, hoymin flaymin.

Keir said...

The choir in the background has made me come partially to terms with that which Spector forced on the Beatles.

Donna Lethal said...

You know I'm in protest this weekend.

Johnnyuma said...

Sorry Donna. I promise not to post a video of Jerry crooning "You'll Never Walk Alone" if you send copious amounts of those pain killers to my PO box.