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Saturday, September 03, 2011

disco symphony orchestra

One of my many guilty pleasure subcollections is the Murdered Classics Archive. I don't buy everything I dig up out of crates. Sometimes it's too tasteless even by my standards. So when I know for certain it's just another original classical score with only a bass-clap-bass-clap ostinato pasted on top, I put them back, because I allready have too many of those. Sometimes I'm not sure however and also this little gem got salvaged last week and rightfully so. It's got not only the obligatory bass-clap but the melodies are stretched, cut apart or hidden in an unusual instrument, so that you don't allways recognise them instantly. On top of that the arrangers Mibeli, Simille, Delancray (?) hired in The Silver Convention for some vocal fill-ins. So ladies and gentleman please give it for The Disco Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tony Mibely, playing "allegros":