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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Theremin Cello: Cool.. but can it Liquify Organs?

We all know about the Theremin, but what ever happened to the Theremin Cello?

"It was also used by the great Stokowski to reinforce his orchestra's bass section, it is said that the subsonic rumblings made some of the orchestra members complain of sickness...... was later abandoned due to the side effects caused by subharmonic frequencies on the orchestra's string section."

Promising technology abandoned because of a couple of whining underpaid violists. Ready for an upgrade by some modern bands. The kids might like the side effects.


Doctor Bonkersane said...

Can I borrow that? I have some livestock that I think would respond well to its dulcet tones.

baikinange said...

The source of the legendary Brown Note?