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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Permanent Record

I've been a fan of Paul Lukas for a very long time. You can still read his Inconspicuous Consumption articles here, in which he speaks lovingly and thoughtfully of such odd products as sauerkraut juice, clam sauce, and skee-ball (I always think of his article when you insert the coins and the wood balls are served up with a satisfying thunk). He is soon to release the results of a new project, tied in with his discovery of dozens of 1920s and 30s report cards from a long-defunct girls vocational school. He has done extensive searching to discover what actually happened to the girls, and whether or not their report cards gave a clue to their eventual fate.
It's of course called "Permanent Record"..... were students from other countries also bullied into good behavior at school with the threat of bad behavior ending up on your "permanent record"?