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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Toy Symphonies

"... All these pieces were written lovingly, with imagination and with care and, given the built-in pitch limitations of the toys (cuckoos are rather single-minded), they contain delightful music. The parts for the toys are always written out very specifically. Nothing is ad libitum or left to chance. The players are expected to follow all the rhythms and markings with scrupulous attention and the works only really sound well when played with the same care with which they were written. ..."
Raymond Lewenthal - Toy Symphonies. Available thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.

Toy Symphony (Kindersymphonie) in C, Op. 169, (for piano, violin & cello with quail, cuckoo, nightingale, triangle, toy trumpet & drum - composed by Cornelius Gurlitt)


splogman said...

I love toy symphonies