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Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Song For The Day: I Found A Peanut

So, I'm at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans, diggin' Thee Midnighters (even though they had just two original members and were sounding like a good but typical Chicano/frat party '60s band) when this freak (see above photo) gets on and does a song.

"Kid Congo Powers"?!? I know people think I have an encyclopedia, even a Wikipedia, of obscure music in my head, but it's not complete and sometimes pages are found to have been ripped out by students who don't respect the library's resources.

Oh, that's that guy who was in the early '80s Cramps, The Gun Club, Bad Seeds, etc.

And here he appears out of nowhere to add some weird umph to Thee Midnighters by singing their "I Found A Peanut." And it made me realize what a goldang great song it is.

The original:

Just try to not listen to it more than once.

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Ryan Hill said...

Hello? Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds rock! His last album has a revamped version of "I've Found a Peanut" a gem, among other gems on his album, a rarity Thee Midnighters no longer play. Check him out!

djack said...

Olsen twins and their friends should have done "Peanut."

SwaG! said...

Olsen Twins? Who dat?

djack said...