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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Failed Dance Crazes Part XII

"Are you a turtle?
You bet your sweet ass I am!"

Found at It's Great Shakes


J. C. said...

Oh man you don't know what you stumbled into. This was the theme song of the unofficial US Space Program's Turtle Club, of which astronaut Wally Shirra was president, and for whom all members in response to the question "Are you a turtle t...oday" *must* answer "You bet your sweet ass I am". Wally embarrassed astronauts routinely by asking them this question when they were out in space, sometimes with the world listening, and since the astronauts couldn't say "ass" on international TV telecasts, their responses were given on back-up communications channels. You can bet the other astronauts asked him that question during his flights, timed to maximize it's potential embarrassment. But this is the first time I heard this song! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Quixotience said...

the companion song: