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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ahead of HAIR

"... We start with silence. Or in this case, lots of crackle. Tune-In takes a while to get going, a sedate electronic piece thats lasts for over six minutes before a jumpy Aquarius (with the sound of crickets) comes to life. Donna on a vibraphone. Percussive genius while the brief Hashish slides by on a cacaphony of brass and busy background sounds. The title track never sounded as edgy with I Got Life pop-popping along like Frank Barber on acid. Wonderfully beautiful trombone blast here. Frank Mills benefits from no vocals - just as wistful without. Hare Krishna swings out side one with blinding intensity and glockenspiel goodness. ..."
John Sangster - Ahead of Hair. Shared by Spiral.