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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"the Percy Trout hour: The Mind Melt"

Percy Trout shares a selection of audio samples selected from the soundtrack of his personal sensory deprivation chamber sessions. Sounds medically guaranteed to melt your mind.

* NOTE: There is no need to ingest hallucinatory substances to enjoy this mix, or to achieve a higher or devolved consciousness ... but it wouldn't hurt.

"the Percy Trout hour: The Mind Melt"

1 Intro Soda Chill Nґ Soda
2 Yeti Magic The Mighty Boosh
3 Sound Bite
4 Tick-Tock Sick Jim Henson
5 Je Vous Déteste Hector et ses Médiators
6 Sound bite
7 Mercy Mr Percy Varetta Dillard
8 Alghe Romantiche Amedeo Tommasi
9 Cris En Vacances Alessandro Alessandroni
10 Marines in Holiday Ennio Morricone
11 Zardoz -Radio movie trailer
12 Of Wood and Brass Vladimir Ussachevsky
13 Second Electronic Setting Mel Powell
14 Graduation Day -Radio movie trailer
15 Dead Slow Tonio Rubio
16 La Liceale Nella Classe Dei Ripetenti Gianni Ferrio
17 Torso -Radio movie trailer
18 Oriental Melon Man Asei Kobayashi & Micky Yoshino
19 All My Love Is Gone Daniela Und Ann
20 Night of the Bloody Apes -Radio movie trailer
21 The Wind Sons of the Pioneers
22 Dali Bernard Fevre
23 Frogs -Radio movie trailer
24 Number 15 Roger Roger
25 Shut Up Progressive Percussions
26 Reaching The Infinite Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd
27 Killaroo The Mighty Boosh
28 Sugar Hill -Radio movie trailer
29 Mad John's Escape Donovan
30 Circles and Stars Tupperware 76
31 Outro Stereo Chill Nґ Soda
32 Daisy HAL 9000
(a Percy Trout© production 2010)

Download here.