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Sunday, August 07, 2011

PCL - The seven year (B)itch

Happy Birthday To Us.

7 years ago today PCL LinkDump (as we know it) was born.
This was before YouTube and long before MySpace and - even later on - Facebook became houshold names. Blogs had been published on the net since the late 1990s but had just started to grow popular in 2003-2004 when blogger.com had been purchased by Google from PyraLabs and made the publishing tool better and much easier to use.
Much has happened since. Blogs are not the new black anymore. Nowadays everyone hangs around Facebook (incl. me) creating a net experience that are more mainstream and probably duller than ever before. But we are stuck together like glue re-posting funny videos, petitions and events like there was no tomorrow with the firm believe that someone cares.
How did this happen?

I'm not sure. And I'm not upset. Just sad. I use Facebook as much as anyone (or maybe even a little more ..). And Facebook is probably not entirely bad.

PCL linkDump, on the other hand, hasn't changed much from the start. Well it has had numerous succesful or not so successful re-designs, several contributors which since have moved on to other projects or total obscurity (or just ruthlessly got sacked) and a number of internal bleedings. Back when I started it all there was only me. We are now going into our 8:th year with 20 contributors and more determined to rule world than ever. At least we fantazise about it. But I can promise you that won't happen. That's just not us - the megalomania is.

We march on, just like the dynamic party bitches we all are.

/Z aka mrdantefontana


AlgernonBlack said...

...and you have provided music and fun that outshines all the others.
Keep up the good work.


DonHo57 said...

And you're still one one of my every morning stops when the computer goes on. Always good, always on...PCL can't be beat. Now I can even sneak and check your site at work via Facebook on my iPhone...

gloveshot said...

The way I heard it, the first 8 years are the hardest, and I've been a regular reader/viewer from early on. Thank you for the dedication and I hope that your brainchild continues to grow and flourish for many years to come.

Doctor Bonkersane said...

We can be ruthlessly sacked? Cool. My analyst told me that I need to set realistic goals. I think I just found mine...

Johnnyuma said...

In spite of all the other distractions, the site has always been uncompromising and true to it's mantra - "The Dynamic Party Blog".
Party on bitches!

Darryl Whalen said...

i thank you and love for your perseverance and art. i look at your blog nearly every single day