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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Death of Dinosaur World

The Society of Commercial Archaeology sadly reported the recent fiery death of the gift shop at the Dinosaur World roadside attraction in Arkansas. The attraction had been closed for years, but tragically, many fine murals on the side of the building were lost in the blaze, including this one which depicts, erm, Johnny Depp as Che Guevara leading Jimmy Carter into battle, ostensibly with a woolly mammoth. Let us bow our heads in reverence in memory of this fine art treasure.


Iain said...

There may be more to the story. It could have been a summer blaze but also there has been a squabble over the land. A developer wants to tear down all the dinosaurs but local preservationist want to keep it. I pray the preservationist suceed because there is nothing like driving through the Ozarks and looking over to see a 50ft pink dinosaur.

Thanks for the update as an arkansan I pray this classic roadside site endures.