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Friday, April 02, 2010


THE MONSTER MAKER RAY-MOND and his "VOODOO SHOW" newspaper advertisement July 1953

The Spook Shows that pervaded the local movie houses of the 50's and 60's must have been a real rush for the impressionable youth who cozied up with their steadies as ghouls, gorillas and ghosts terrorized them as second rate B pictures flickered on the screen. I have been hunting about for any Real Live Gorilla appearances and have been duly impressed by the promises made by the Mad Ray-Mond - forget the 500lb Gorilla that "becomes aroused at the sight of beautiful girls" - Buzz saws cut off heads!!? Oh brother!

Here's a quick history on the Spook Show phenomenon and some handsome window cards also available as T-Shirts.

(The ad above was chopped and stitched for easy blog viewing)