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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's real!

Hi everybody,

I've been getting questions from people asking: how about the release of In My Spaceship?
Well, it's about to happen!

Beginning next week Phunkster and Sisterphunk will launch an embeded (on facebook/myspace/blogs) mini site with all promo contents especially developped for the release, among which previously unreleased video material.
A lot of people, including my friends, family, my pupils, collegues and a group of people in Paris from whom I don't even know how they look like, have been participating in it.
There's already a nice story here: http://www.phunkster.com/records/887/

And .... (sounds of snaredrums) though it's still on its way by snailmail from Paris to Zwolle.... (cymbal!) here it is .... tadáááááááá:

And guess what I will be wearing on New Years Eve:

As you might have noticed I'm not submitting much at this blog or blogs in general anymore. However, I will have a special audio surprise for pcl-readers and splusp-members on Christmas Eve.