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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thee Olde Blogroll: Music/MP3s (A-K)

[ortf] (mp3s)
36 15 MOOG (mp3s, full albums)
45blog (mp3s)
7inchpunk (mp3s)
20 Jazz Funk Greats (mp3s)
A_Closet_of_Curiosities (mp3s, full albums)
A Dashing Blade (mp3s, full albums) *
Afterbirth of the Cool (mp3s)
ANABlog (mp3s)
And then the chimney spoke.... (mp3s, full albums)
An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming (mp3s)
A Pyrex Scholar (mp3s)
Así se fundo Carnaby Street (mp3s)
Aurgasm (mp3s)
Balthazar in Recordville (mp3s, full albums)
Bedazzled! (videos + mp3s)
Benn Loxo Du Taccu (mp3s)
Between thought and expression (mp3s)
bigrockcandymountain (mp3s)
Blaxploitation Pride (mp3s, full albums) *
Blogio Oddio
blowupdoll (mp3s)
Blue Skies (mp3s)
Bomboro Audioblog (mp3s)
Bongolong Land (mp3s, full albums) *
Boogie Woogie Flu (mp3s)
Boot Sale Sounds (mp3s)
Bossa Brasileira (mp3s) *
búscate un novio (mp3s)
Cake & Polka Parade (mp3s)
Check the cool wax (mp3s)
Chocoreve (mp3s, full albums)
Continuo’s weblog (mp3s)
Copy, Right? (mp3s)
Coverville (mp3s)
Crud Crud (mp3s)
Dans Mon Café (mp3s)
Dark Funk 'The latest shows' (mp3s)
Dartman's World of Wonder (mp3s + videos) *
Dinosaur Gardens (mp3s)
Djalma's Soul Food (mp3s, full albums)
Doctor Superhelga (mp3s)
Do You Speak English? (mp3s)
Dreamtimemix (mp3s)
Dream Chimney: Track of the Day (mp3s)
Drugburn (mp3s)
Ear Fuzz (mp3s)
Eastern Eye (mp3s, full albums)
Eclectic Grooves (mp3s)
Eclectic Synthetic (mp3s, full albums)
Egg City Radio (mp3s)
Electric Roulette
Elsebasto (mp3s, full albums)
EmptyFree (mp3s)
Eternally Yours (mp3s)
FaLaLaLaLa.com (mp3s, full albums)
Fanny Magnate (mp3s)
Fat Planet (mp3s)
Filles Sourires (mp3s)
Foxylounge***Podblaster (mp3s)
Free Albums Galore
Friday Weirdo Shakedown (mp3s)
Fudgeland (mp3s)
Funeral Pudding (mp3s)
Funky Czech-In (mp3s)
Funky16Corners (mp3s)
Garage Hangover (mp3s)
GaragePunk.com (mp3s)
Garden of Delights (mp3s, full albums) *
Get On Down With The Stepfather of Soul! (mp3s)
Global Vintage (mp3s)
Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! (mp3s)
Good Rockin' Tonight (mp3s)
Grooves Of Delight (mp3s, full albums) *
Gum Culture (mp3s)
Hall Of Records (mp3s, full albums) *
Happy Dreamers Time (mp3s) *
Harmoniarum Mundi (mp3s)
headfonehaus (mp3s)
Hear It Wow (mp3s)
Heino & Jerry im Über Space (mp3s)
Home of the Groove (mp3s)
Honey, Where You Been So Long (mp3s)
IckMusic (mp3s)
It's Coming Out Of Your Speaker ... (mp3s, full albums) *
It's A Trap! (mp3s)
It's Great Shakes (mp3s)
Joe de Vivre (mp3s)
Joyitas (mp3s)
Kathleen Loves Music (mp3s)
Keep The Coffee Coming (mp3s)
Killed By Death Records (mp3s)
Keep Swinging (mp3s)

(*) Sharing mp3 files solely via RapidShare.