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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mp3/Music Blogroll At PCL

Posted here on request.
(Note: A work in progress. This entry as well as the entire mp3/music blog list in the sidebar are going through changes. Blogs that haven't been active for a long time are removed. Some new ones are being added.)
DONE! (see end of post)

[ortf] (mp3s) - Eclectic pop music blog from France.
:ruclub (jazz podcast)
2 Minutes of Bliss 2 (mp3s) - "60's-early 70's soul, but also ska and cool jazz and more"
7 Black Notes (mp3s, full albums) * - "a remote little corner where weird and unspeakable film-related musical oddities come to hide."
7inchpunk (mp3s) - Mostly 70s and 80s hardcore and punk.
20 Jazz Funk Greats (mp3s) - Super eclectic danceable stuff. Disco, Kraut, Electronica, Punk and ... New Stuff!
45blog (mp3s) - "about forgotten, obscure, neglected music from 45 r.p.m. records"
'80s tunes (mp3s) - Community over at LiveJournal: "this community is for the sharing, requesting, and recommending of music dating from january 1, 1980 through december 31, 1989. within those parameters, ANYTHING is fair game — new wave, punk, goth, hair metal, college-radio-indie, mainstream. the goal here is to pay homage to a great decade for music, and to revisit it."
{LPQR}Le Poisson Qui Rigole (mp3s)
A Closet of Curiosities (mp3s, full albums) - Sharing "electronic (both old and new), experimental or avant-garde, psych, vintage or what is known as library music or the "now" sound"
Afterbirth of the Cool (mp3s) - "is an mp3 blog with a primary focus on 1980s hardcore punk and post-hardcore slash indie slash pre-alternative, and a secondary focus on all of the other types of music recorded over the last fifty years or so."
Amen Horn (mp3s)
ANABlog (mp3s) - "The unofficial blog of Analog Arts Ensemble, ANABlog is an audio excursion into the manifold streams of musical thought which inspire the artists at the heart of this cutting-edge collective."
And then the chimney spoke.... (mp3s, full albums) -
An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming (mp3s)
AudioOddities (mp3s, full albums)
Aurgasm (mp3s)
Balansamba (mp3s) *
Balthazar in Recordville (mp3s, full albums)
Bedazzled! (videos + mp3s)
Benn Loxo Du Taccu (mp3s) - "African music for the masses"
Better Living Through Vinyl (mp3s, full albums) * - "Retro stacks of wax for cool cats and kittens". Preferably from the 50s and the 60s.
Between thought and expression (mp3s) - "An eclectic guide to life's musical journey. Features free music downloads, indie and electronic mp3s, mash-ups, and entertainment."
bigrockcandymountain (mp3s) - Rock'n'roll, blues, country, rockabilly. The Roots of rock music. If you dig Charlie Feathers, Hasil Adkins, Hank Williams and Johnny Bunette & the Rock'n'roll Trio this is most probable The place.
Big Static (mp3s)
Blogio Oddio - Every audio guy's favorite gal, Katya, is sharing her love for free music.Tons of links to strange, obscure, beautiful and always free music and sounds.
Blog of 999 Dances (mp3s)
blowupdoll (mp3s) - Mordi presents dolls, girls, chicks and pop music. Lots of charmers from the 60s and 70s.
Blue Skies (mp3s)
Bomboro Audioblog (mp3s)
Bongolong Land (mp3s, full albums) * - Lounge, exotica and rare items. Vinyl sharity.
Boot Sale Sounds (mp3s) - "A music blog , mainly featuring records and tapes found at boot sales, charity shops and flea markets. Mainly comedy, novelty and odd items that are hard to catagorise."
Bossa Brasileira (mp3s) * - New and old Bossa Nova, Samba and music from old Brazillian movies.
Bossa Nova Music (mp3s, full albums) *
Bubblegum Machine (mp3s) - "If it's ever been on K-Tel or Ronco, it's in. If it features hand claps, cow bells, syrupy orchestration, walls of sound, wrecking crews, sha-la-las, toothy teen idols, candy-based metaphors for carnal acts or lyrics about hugging, squeezing and rocking all night long, it's in."
'Buked & Scorned (mp3s)
Bumrocks (mp3s)
búscate un novio (mp3s)
Cake & Polka Parade (mp3s)
Check the cool wax (mp3s)
Copy, Right? (mp3s) - Covers. All kindsa covers.
Coverville (mp3s, podcast) - "a podcast, produced three times a week, that focuses on cover songs - a new rendition of a previously recorded song"
Crud Crud (mp3s)
Curved Air (mp3s)
Dang! (mp3s)
Dans Mon Café (mp3s)
Dark Funk 'The latest shows' (mp3s)
Dartman's World of Wonder (mp3s + videos) *
David F Presents (mp3s)
Dinosaur Gardens (mp3s)
Do You Speak English? (mp3s) - "Weekly radio show: 30 minutes of hilarious music and outrageaous words mixed all together, with a special interest for amateurish masterpieces, misunderstood stars, humour and derision."
Down In The Groove (mp3s, full albums) *
Dreamtimemix (mp3s) - "Leads To Great Music on the Net. 60's , 70's , 80's , 90's , Today , The Future"
Dream Chimney: Track of the Day (mp3s)
Ear Fuzz (mp3s) - Eclectic mix. Contemporary as well as from days gone by. Pop. Soul. Rock. Indie. Funk. Experimental.
Eclectic Grooves (mp3s) - "Funky, booty-shaking soul and rap. Ear-shattering free jazz noise skronk. Angular, complex math rock. Bottleneck slide guitar blues with a side of sizzling Afro Beat. Everything but the kitchen sink"
Elsebasto (mp3s, full albums)
EmptyFree (mp3s)
Endless Mike (mp3s, full albums) * - Library Music, Soundtracks, EZ, Jazz, Lounge, Bossa, '60s Pop, Garage/Psych, Surf/Guitar Instrumentals, Bubblegum/Canto-Pop, etc, etc.
Eternally Yours (mp3s)
FaLaLaLaLa.com (mp3s, full albums) - "Preserving the Memories of Christmas Vinyl Past." Seasonal.
Fanny Magnate (mp3s)
Fat Planet (mp3s)
Fidelisharium (mp3s, full albums) *
Filles Sourires (mp3s) - Guuzbourg says: "Girls. Singing In French. Making Me Sigh. Any questions?"
Foxylounge***Podblaster (mp3s)
Free Albums Galore
Friday Weirdo Shakedown (mp3s)
Fudgeland (mp3s)
Funky16Corners (mp3s) - Funk, soul and rock'n'roll from the 50s, 60s and the 70s. Occasional full album mixes.
Garage Hangover (mp3s) - 60s garage, 60s pop, psychedelic pop.
GaragePunk.com (mp3s, podcast)
Garden of Delights (mp3s, full albums) *
Germans Under Cover (mp3s) - "Cheesy German-language renderings of international chart toppers"
Get On Down With The Stepfather of Soul! (mp3s) - "Vintage soul/blues/jazz/funk/gospel and more ... Also the home of the podcast of the same name."
Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! (mp3s) - Punk and hardcore from 70s and 80s.
Good Rockin' Tonight (mp3s)
Hall Of Records (mp3s, full albums) * - "A collection of out of print, swinging music from another time"
Happy Dreamers Time (mp3s) *
Harmoniarum Mundi (mp3s)
headfonehaus (mp3s) - "Dance music to sit down to." Eclectic sounds and beats from the 60s - 70s and 80s.
Home of the Groove (mp3s) - "This audioblog is based on the premise that the true Home of the Groove, at least on the North American landmass, was New Orleans, Louisiana, and will be again one day soon, as we cannot afford to lose it. I continue to feature selected rare, hard to find New Orleans-related R&B and funk tracks with commentary."
Honey, Where You Been So Long (mp3s) - Pre-war blues.
IckMusic (mp3s) - Eclectic mix. Prince, Springsteen , funk, soul and pop.
It's A Trap! (mp3s) - "Scandinavian music news & mp3 blog"
It's Great Shakes (mp3s)
Jazz And Conversation (mp3s)
JB's Warehouse Music Annex (mp3s)
Jefitoblog (mp3s)
Joe de Vivre (mp3s)
Just For A Day (mp3s)
junkyardsparkle - ephemeral scrapings (mp3s, full albums)
Kathleen Loves Music (mp3s)
Keep The Coffee Coming (mp3s) - "Week days you'll find folk music. Weekend days you'll find just about anything." Jazz, Folk, Blues, Rock'n'roll, Soul. Good music.
Keep Swinging (mp3s) - "To share my passion for jazz, record collecting and other jazz projects." Jazz and Swing.
Killed By Death Records (mp3s)
Killing Floor Blues
Kono Tiki Island (mp3s, full albums) *
La Blogothèque (mp3s)
Largehearted Boy
Lazar's Corner of Lounge Music (mp3s, full albums) * - "A place where Crime Jazz, Lounge and Pop music meet, to create a symbioses of the ultimate sound"
Lellebelle (mp3s, full albums)
Les Rare Birds (mp3s)
Lessons From Things (mp3s)
Licorice Pizza / A Taste of Vinyl (mp3s, full albums) *
Little Hits (mp3s)
Living In Stereo (mp3s)
Locust St. (mp3s)
Lonesome Music (mp3s) - "keeping you melancholy all day" Country music from then and now. Singer/songwriters, No-depression, Pop.
Loronix (mp3s, full albums) *
Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era (mp3s)
Magic of JuJu (mp3s, full albums) * -
Martian Shaker (mp3s, full albums) *
Mexicovers (mp3s, full albums) *
mod-ified music (mp3s)
Moistworks (mp3s)
MonkeyFunk (mp3s) - "an audioblog containing the finest funk, hip hop, breaks, beats and samples"
Monone's Library (mp3s, full albums) * - Library music.
MoodieToonz (mp3s, full albums) - "Eclectica Forever". Hard to find vinyl sharity.
Moon of Manakoora (mp3s, full albums) * - Exotica sharity. Has stopped blogging new shares - but most of the old ones are still good.
Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD (videos)
Mr. Kitty's Crazy Tower Of Sound (mp3s)
Music From The Third Floor (mp3s, full albums) - Bollywood soundtracks
Music For Maniacs (mp3s) - "Dedicated to extremes in music. "Outsider" recordings and utterly unique sounds reviewed here, with links provided for your downloading/listening pleasure"
Music (For Robots) (mp3s)
Music For Your Eyes (videos) * - "Vintage rock music videos from a past glorious age."
Music on the Fringe (mp3s, full albums) * - "Here you will find lesser-known music of all genres, including: outsider music, folk, blues, psychedelic, and many out of print LP's"
Music Thing - Music gadgets, strange instruments and weird and wonderful news from behind the scenes of music production.
Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else (mp3s) - "Music you possibly, maybe, will not hear anyplace else, though there's always the chance that you might." Lee Hartsfeld's always highly entertaining place.
Naturalismo (mp3s)
Nevver (mp3s)
New-Blog-Order (mp3s, full albums)
N.1 in Belgium (mp3s)
O Náufrago - Músicas (mp3s, full albums)
obscure pop-culture reference (mp3s) *
Oddio Daily Downloads
Oh Yeeeah!!! (mp3s)
Old Vinyl (mp3s, full albums) * Old vinyl. Yes. Old vinyl. Not new vinyl. ;-) "Items found on this blog are out of print, been deleted, and hard to obtain, which is the main reason I have them available here."
On The Flipside (mp3s)
Orgy In Rhythm (mp3s, full albums) *
Original Funk Music (mp3s) * - Funk, Soul, Jazz and Groove. Albums and mixes.
Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage (mp3s, full albums)
Out of 5 (mp3s)
Palestinian Light Orchestra (mp3s, full albums) *
Paradise Garden (mp3s)
Paul's Ramblings (mp3s)
Phil Musical's Lounge Corner (mp3s, full albums) * - "Bossanova, mambos, cha cha chas, easy listening, lounge, space age pop, elevator music, hammond grooves, ye-ye sounds, library music, muzak, vinyl sharity"
Pimps of Gore (mp3s)
PixelMutt (mp3s) *
Play It Again, Max (mp3s, full albums)
Poems For Songs (mp3s) * - send your poem or lyrics and get a song back
PopCereal (mp3s: full albums)
Post-Punk Junk (mp3s)
Prog Not Frog (mp3s, full albums) * - "A site dedicated to non-mainstream music from all over the world."
Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo (mp3s, full albums) * - "The Groovy & Obscure 60s/70s Brasilian Vinyl (MPB, voc/inst. Bossa Fusion Samba Soul Choro...) US/It./Fr./UK/Ger. Soundtracks (1959-1980) US + European + Jap + Latin + World Jazz/Prog Rock/Fusion Manouche/Tango/Musette/Gypsy Jazz Easy/Now Sound! Euro. Library Collections"
Radiodiffusion Internasionaal (mp3s)
Radio KRUD (mp3s)
Rangeraver's Departure Lounge (mp3s, full albums) *
Rato Records Blog (mp3s, full albums)
RecordBrother (mp3s)
RockOverGraceland (mp3s, full albums) *
Roman´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner (mp3s, Full Albums) * - Out of print "Easy Listening-, Big Band-, Exotica- and other Instrumental-records of the 50´s, 60´s and 70´s."
Scar Stuff (mp3s, full albums)
Schlocker .......... (mp3s)
Score*Blog (mp3s)
ScoreBaby Annex (mp3s, full albums) *
Shoddity.com (mp3s, full albums)
Sem Sinatra's Solar System of Sound (mp3s, full albums)
Senderon (mp3s: full albums)
Senses Working Overtime
Silver's Boogaloo (mp3s)
Skunkape's Crap (mp3s, full albums)
Snow Day (mp3s, full albums) *
Soleil Hi-Fi (mp3s)
Something I Learned Today... (mp3s)
songs:illinois (mp3s)
Sonic Terrorism (mp3s)
Soul Shower (mp3s)
Soul Sides (mp3s)
Sounds of Champaign (Side 2) (mp3s, full albums)
Sounds of Champaign [side-C] (mp3s, full albums)
Space Debris Presents... (mp3s, full albums)
Spiked Candy (mp3s)
Splendida Project (mp3s) - "An eclectic mix of sights and sounds" Several well known mp3/music bloggers unite.
Spread The Good Word (mp3s) - Reverend Frost spreads the word. Rock'n'roll, blues, boogie, rockabilly from back in the days when R'nB was something quite different.. and smoking hot.
Squeeze My Lemon (mp3s)
Squeezo (mp3s) *
Static Party (mp3s)
Stax o' Wax (mp3s, full albums) - "Vinyl sharity - soundtracks, lounge, exotica, easy-listening, celebrity vocals, and all sorts of groovy sounds ..."
Stereogum (mp3s) - One of the most popular mp3/music blogs out there. If not The Most Populart. Still... It's good. Contemporary pop, Indie, Low-Fi, Singer/Songwriters, Rock, Remixes, Mashups etc etc.
Strange Reaction (mp3s)
Swens Blog
TAM TAM & Mélodie (mp3s, full albums) * Exotica, Space Age and lounge. Vinyl sharity.
Ternura porno (mp3s)
The "B" side (mp3s) - "This page is dedicated to the poor, neglected "B" sides". Soul.
The Department Of Records (mp3s)
The Earth Goes Around (mp3) - Japanese pop and covers
The Entroporium (mp3s)
The Groove Grotto! (mp3s, full albums) *
The Groovy Fab Alliance (mp3s)
The International House Of Pussy (mp3s)
The Next Big Thing
The Of Mirror Eye (mp3s)
The Orange Cornflake Zoo (mp3s, full albums) *
The Punk Vault (mp3s)
The Record Robot (mp3s)
The Reel Deal (mp3s, full albums) - "Sharing stuff found on magnetic tape in the reel-to-reel format."
The Sample Song Booth (mp3s)
The Smudge of Ashen Fluff (mp3s)
The Ten Thousand Things (mp3s)
The Tuna Melt (mp3s, full albums) *
The Unwanted Gaze (mp3s)
The Wreckroom (mp3s)
Third Island (mp3s, full albums) - Exotica, space-age pop an stuff like that.
Throwaway Style (mp3s)
Toe Stubber (mp3s)
Tofu Hut (mp3s)
totally fuzzy - links you up with good and sometimes rare downloads
Tuwa's Shanty (mp3s)
TwilightZone! (mp3s, full albums) *
Unicorn Meat (mp3s)
Ugly Floral Blouse (mp3s)
Unbreakable Microgrooves (mp3s, full albums) *
Undomondo (mp3s)
Unpleasant.org (mp3s, full albums)
videos.antville.org (videos)
Vinyl Mine (mp3s)
Vinyl Mysteries (mp3s) - "A personal gallery of mysterious findings on record"
Vociferous Slam (mp3s)
Warped Reality (mp3s)
Waves of Champaign (mp3s, full albums) - "1980-1990 a decade of collectable records"
Way Out Junk (mp3s, full albums) - "with an accent on out-of-print kids and novelty stuff"
Weirdomusic News - "News from the darkest corners of the musical universe"
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (videos + mp3s)
Whoops (mp3s: full albums) - "sixties and seventies french and european oddities, vinyl rip only..."
Why Fidelity (mp3s, podcast)
Wiel's Time Capsule (mp3s, full albums) Postpunk, moog music, synth, and great lost artifacts.
Wine, Woman and Song (mp3s)
Withdrawn Radio (mp3s)
Wonderful Wonderblog (mp3s, full albums)
Xtabays World (mp3s: full albums) - Exotica, lounge and space age pop music. Tons of stuff all the time (Oceania time).
X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut's CosmoBlog (mp3s, full albums) *
You & Me on a Jamboree! (mp3s, full albums)
You Don't Have To Visit This Blog (mp3s, full albums) * - "an emphasis on film, TV, & stage music & you'll find albums, individual tracks, & compilations"

(*) Sharing mp3 files solely via RapidShare.

Updated: After 6 hours of updating boringness I think I'm finished.
Have a look. Have some mp3s.

If you by any chance run a good mp3/music blog (or know of any) - not included in this post - please tell me by leaving a comment and the URL to the blog and I'll have a look.
Note: It's a good thing knowing about PCL and what we like before telling us. We only enjoy the good stuff. That's what we listen to all day!

Updated II: Thanks to Johnny (who blogged about Google Co-op) you can now search this particular blogroll (at the moment 238 blogs).
I have placed the search tool in the sidebar just above the list of music/mp3 blogs.
Have a try.
Find good stuff.