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Friday, April 16, 2010

For those who hadn't noticed

just to let you know my blog's back:


It started of as the website connected to a local Dutch radio show called Vreemde Geluiden (= Strange Sounds) which I made together with: Marco Kalnenek, Martinka van Noorloos, Roel van Olst, Ton Rückert and Remco Takken. After the show ended, the blog continued with no clear direction, adding Hans Koert as an extra co-blogger. December last I decided to stop it. You know me by now:I've had it up to here, etc... but you know ... after three months I started missing it allready. So... the lay-out will probably change soon, most likely I will switch to Wordpress, maybe I'll even pick another blog title. It still hasn't got any clear direction, but hey ... who needs one anyway? The language will be half english, half dutch and I'll try to keep out the nsfw-content. That I will post overhere, if needfull.


kurt said...

Must catch up with your happenings, Jan - so this blog of yours will help greatly - I've bookmarked it

I hardly ever cruise the offbeat music blog networks anymore, so it might be fun to dive in again

Have a great weekend - Kurt
(near the LB Grand Prix)