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Sunday, February 28, 2010


In My Spaceship first live-performance ever, Zwolle october 30 2009 (yep, that's me holding that mic and the silly waving of the hands. I hope we did a better job than the Soviets ;-)

In my spaceship EP on iTunes, Juno, Rushhour, Quboz, Amazon, 7digital, etc, etc, ...

Get a free hifi recording of this (without the background noise and mixed by yours truly) exclusively at splusp.)

Coming up: The official videoclip by Ola Vasiljeva (Stereo Total, Ratatat, a.o.) in a couple of weeks.

www.inmyspaceship.com, www.janturkenburg.com, IMS-site on Sisterphunk


joel. said...

that was really awesome!